First Giving

Want to raise more and spend less?? Well First Giving is a great organization that wants to help you make a difference by answering questions, offering fundraising tips and examples.  FirstGiving fundraising pages are the perfect tool for an event that everyone can be apart of from the same community of giving.  This organization makes it easier for everyone to donate online and raise more money than ever before!

 ‘FirstGiving was founded in 2003. Our online fundraising solutions allow nonprofits to do what they do best – providing mission-based services and research to deserving recipients – without worrying about technical development, server maintenance, credit card processing, or any of the other headaches we handle on their behalf.’

Check out to see more on how it works. This is a free page that sends you all the donations directly and securely to your nonprofit organization.  They also offer FREE webinars, fundraising e-books, and white papers to help you with your project.

You can raise money online for a nonprofit as an individual fundraiser by using the tools and expertise FirstGiving provides for you to easily connect with friends and family to make fundraising effortless. 

  They provide:

  • Easy to use online tools for creating a personalized fundraising page in just minutes, allowing you to meet and exceed your fundraising goals
  • A page with your own unique web address allows you to tell your personal story of fundraising, encouraging donors to be engaged in your cause
  • Online tools that make it simple to leverage your networks, including the use of tools such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and your own blog
  • A means to raise awareness about important issues and raise money in a fun and engaging way

You can also raise money online as an individual with a FirstGiving fundraising page. 

You have the ability to search their database of over 20,000 nonprofits to find one you would like to donate to and support.  You can create you own fundraising page by choosing a FirstGiving web address and use their template to help create your personalized fundraising page.  On this page, you can set a fundraising goal, post messages, describe your mission, and add photos and videos.  After you have created your page, you can easily share it by using email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Proven track record in online fundraising

FirstGiving is the proven fundraising partner for nonprofits and the supporters that care about them. We focus solely on creating the best solution for online fundraising – that’s all we do. we have helped client nonprofits and their supporters to meet and exceed their fundraising goals. The Giving Group platform has enabled over 8,000 nonprofits and 13 million supporters to raise over $1 billion for causes that matter.

FirstGiving is known for our ease-of-use, powerful reporting tools and excellent customer support. We’re less expensive and more user-friendly than full-suite solutions, and unlike other peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, we’re 100% focused on the needs of non-profits and fully invested in your success

“We help ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts of money for causes they care about”.


About edaozmen

My name is Eda Ozmen and I am a student at the University of Nevada Reno. I am getting my degree in Business Management, and my passion is to have a dynamic career where I can constantly make a difference by helping others who are in need. I live my life with high integrity and in a balanced way between my family and friends, and taking care of myself by staying healthy and positive while being creative with my artistic talents.
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