Donation Manager

Want a simple and easy way to raise donations and spread the word about your cause?? Check out Time To Fundraise for an easy to do so! This easy to use fundraising platform allows you to create you to create your own campaign and send your message to the world through social media to. 

 This organization offers help to:

  • Charitable Causes That Matter to You
  • Ease the burden of medical expenses
  • Help in times of natural disasters
  • Financial support for your business dreams
  • Defray the costs of pets & animal friends
  • Sports teams & tournaments
  • School Activities & Programs
  • And Many More

 How It Works:

Step 1: Create an Account  

Step 2: Create a Campaign  

Step 3: Let The World Know  

Step 4: Begin Receiving Funds  

 Your account is free and never expires.  You can create up to 10 fundraising campaigns for all kinds of causes in your personal life.  Once you create your account and campaign, Time To Fundraise uses their networking tools to post your cause to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or even your website.  Once your campaign is finished, Time To Fundraise will mail you a check for the amount you raised minus  7% of it to keep them helping others.

 They offer tips to learn how to make the most out of your campaign and market in the best way! 

This site can be used by anyone and they offer help to individuals, non-profits, and businesses.  The great thing about this organization is they won’t tell you that your cause isn’t good enough.  They use a professionally designed and up-to-date platform that is 100% safe and secure.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, well it does…..this is a completely FREE way to raise money with no hidden costs!  Although they deduct 7% from your final donations to support others in this business, they also give donors the ability to pay these support costs for you.  If you have any questions they are there to assist you by emailing them or calling to receive expert advice 855-655-FUND (3863).  Your campaign can last from 60 days to one year, and that is also when you will receive your money from it.

Sign up for Free and have your Fundraiser launched in no time!


About edaozmen

My name is Eda Ozmen and I am a student at the University of Nevada Reno. I am getting my degree in Business Management, and my passion is to have a dynamic career where I can constantly make a difference by helping others who are in need. I live my life with high integrity and in a balanced way between my family and friends, and taking care of myself by staying healthy and positive while being creative with my artistic talents.
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