The NonProfitTimes

The Nonprofit Times is an awesome site for all kinds of information for the Nonprofit sector.  This organization offers you top news stories, management tips, special articles, job listings, and expert advice for Nonprofits.  They are the leading business publication for all Nonprofit management.  This site also offers you the choice to advertise with them to help you reach your marketing goals. There are many different options that are open to reach over 200,000 executives in the Nonprofit world through electronic and print media.

In their article section, they have an extremely broad range of categories to choose from that explain the importance of the several different topics, as well as a very interesting list of different articles relating to the topic.  For example, the fundraising article below, explains the importance of fundraising to every nonprofit organization.  There is a numerous amount of very beneficial  articles listed in this section regarding fundraising.

Fundraising is the engine that runs any successful nonprofit. While nonprofits generally raise funds through the donation of cash, there are many other ways to engage in fundraising. Some organizations will sell products to generate income, while others will set up elaborate events, such as special events. While direct response fundraising remains a popular way to contact donors, nonprofits are increasingly turning to the Internet as a source. This is known as on-line fundraising and it is not simply limited to email campaigns. There are a variety of on-line fundraising tools, such as pay per click links or donation widgets.

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About edaozmen

My name is Eda Ozmen and I am a student at the University of Nevada Reno. I am getting my degree in Business Management, and my passion is to have a dynamic career where I can constantly make a difference by helping others who are in need. I live my life with high integrity and in a balanced way between my family and friends, and taking care of myself by staying healthy and positive while being creative with my artistic talents.
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