Fundraising News

I was doing some research on fundraising and I came across this awesome site.  They are called Fundraising News and you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  @FundraisingNews

They provide numerous amounts of information regarding fundraising through the news and articles from the best sources in the fundraising industry.  They offer really great advice from professionals who have experienced certain situations.  Really looking into this site, you can learn how to stay clear of making little mistakes and learn to be more successful.

Their mission statement is: Empowering fundraisers and nonprofits by providing information and resources that enable them to be more successful at fundraising.

Their main website offers different pages to narrow your search such as: Headlines, Education, Business, Society, Stories, Art & Entertainment, and #Fundraising.

If you become a fan, they will deliver the news directly to your Facebook free of charge.  The FundraisingNews is a service brought to you by EXCEL Fundraising Inc.

Below is some of the articles that stood out and interested me to give you a better feel for the information they have to offer.

  • How to convince your donors that you’re effective
  • Public Charity or Private Foundation-Why Does It Matter?
  • How to triple your newsletter donations
  • What to work on before you work on your tagline
  • To Raise More Money, Talk About Impact, New Guide Advises
  • 8 Grant Proposal Writing Tips
  • Where to Find a Consultant: In Your Community or Elsewhere? –Good Advice- The Chronicle of Philanthropy Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas
  • How to create an effective campaign
  • Three tips for dealing with corporate partners



About edaozmen

My name is Eda Ozmen and I am a student at the University of Nevada Reno. I am getting my degree in Business Management, and my passion is to have a dynamic career where I can constantly make a difference by helping others who are in need. I live my life with high integrity and in a balanced way between my family and friends, and taking care of myself by staying healthy and positive while being creative with my artistic talents.
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